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Talk to Astrologers

Hear about us from our customers


Here about us from our customers

Why Astrology?

  • • Self-Discovery and Better Self-Awareness
  • • Get Guidance and Aid Decision-Making
  • • Relationship Solutions and Compatibility
  • • Know Your Future Forecast
Astrology can provide you with a sense of meaning, self-awareness, and guidance. As long as it is approached with an open mind and used as a tool for self-reflection, astrology can be a valuable resource for personal growth and understanding ... Astrology holds appeal in its ability to provide a sense of meaning and purpose to life. Many people turn to astrology to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their relationships, and their life's direction. It offers a framework for self-reflection and can provide comfort during times of uncertainty. Let’s see what are the Benefits of Astrology:
  • 1. Self-Discovery and Self-Awareness: Astrology provides insight into personality traits, strengths, and potential growth.
  • 2. Guidance and Decision-Making: Astrology can offer guidance and clarity in making important life decisions by examining your birth chart that provides insights into potential challenges, and opportunities.
  • 3. Relationship Understanding and Compatibility: Astrology provides valuable insights into relationships and compatibility by identifying areas of harmony or conflict and offers guidance for nurturing healthier relationships.
  • 4. Future Forecasting and Timing: Astrology offers the ability to forecast and understand future events through the analysis of planetary transits and progressions which provide predictions and insights about upcoming opportunities, challenges, and life trends.
In the past, people would have to visit an astrologer in person to get a reading, but today, with the advancement of technology, it is possible to talk to astrologers from the comfort of your own home.
Discovering the best astrologer has never been easier, thanks to the convenience of online platforms like StarsTell. Therefore, exploring multiple astrologers and finding the best one is effortless through StarsTell.
StarsTell offers a wide range of experienced astrologers from different backgrounds and areas of expertise. With just a few clicks, you can access a diverse pool of astrologers, ensuring you have ample options to explore and find the one that suits your preferences.
Here at StarsTell, we provide user ratings and reviews for each astrologer, allowing you to gain insights into their credibility, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. You can read authentic feedback from previous clients, helping you make an informed decision about which astrologers to connect with.
StarsTell simplifies the booking process, making it seamless and user-friendly. You can browse through profiles, review astrologers' qualifications, specialties, and availability. Once you find an astrologer you resonate with, you can easily book a session at your preferred date and time, all within a few clicks.
We also offer the convenience of virtual consultations, enabling you to talk to astrologers from anywhere in the world. You can have personalized readings and interactive sessions with astrologers through phone calls, or chat, making it flexible and accessible at your convenience.
StarsTell ensures a secure and confidential platform for your consultations. Your personal information and discussions with astrologers remain private, providing a safe space to explore your concerns, seek guidance, and find the astrologer who resonates with you the most. Embrace the convenience and versatility of StarsTell to explore multiple astrologers, benefit from their expertise, and find the perfect match for your needs. Begin your journey of self-discovery and personal growth by trying different astrologers, all through the easy and accessible platform of StarsTell.
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Talk to Astrologer

  • 1. Get expert advice
  • 2. Get Guidance and Aid Decision-Making
  • 3. Obtain solutions to all your relationship problems
  • 4. A non-judgmental and confidential environment
Talk to Astrologer to gain a better and deeper understanding of yourself. Be empowered through self-awareness and get the best guidance to make the right decisions. Still wondering why you should talk to astrologer? Let us give you a few more reasons: ... Expert Advice: Talk to astrologer with a deep understanding of astrological principles, planetary influences, and cosmic energies. Their knowledge and guidance help you navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and maximize opportunities in life.
Career Guidance: Talk to Astrologers for career guidance through a deep analysis of your birth chart. They can identify favorable vocational paths, and suggest strategies for your professional growth completely personalised based on your needs and according to your birth chart. Make informed choices and align your career to your life path now!
Solutions to Life’s Problems: Sometimes we face problems we don’t know how to solve, it is during these times that we should talk to astrologer. They can help us by analysing our kundli or birth chart and suggesting personalised solutions and remedies.
Spiritual Growth: Astrologers can offer spiritual guidance and support, helping you deepen your connection with the universe and discover your spiritual path. Talk to astrologer and explore the larger cosmic picture and find meaning in life's experiences.
Confidential and Convenient: Talk to astrologer at your convenience and in the privacy of your own home. We promise to keep your data 100% safe and secure. You can even remain anonymous or give an alias if you choose to. Engage in meaningful conversations and seek guidance with complete confidentiality.
As you can see, it is a good idea to talk to astrologer when you want guidance and help. StarsTell is a platform where the top 10 astrologers in India can talk or chat with you to steer you in the right direction. StarsTell ensures confidentiality and a non-judgemental environment where you can share all your concerns without any fear of judgement.
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Chat With Astrologer

  • 1. Personalised and Convenient Guidance
  • 2. Confidential, Anonymous, and Secure
  • 3. Supportive and Non-Judgmental Environment
  • 4. Written Advice you can take back with you
Chat with astrologer to get the best guidance through the medium of messages and chat. This makes it easy to express yourself and also get clear guidance in writing which you can use in your daily life. Still wondering why you should chat with astrologer? Let’s see some benefits: ...
  • 1. Personalized and Convenient Guidance: Chat with astrologer to get personalized guidance and convenience, allowing you to schedule sessions at a time that works best for you
  • 2. Confidential and Secure: StarsTell is a trusted platform that ensures your personal information and discussions, while you chat with astrologer, remain private, providing a safe space to explore your concerns and seek guidance.
  • 3. Supportive and Non-Judgmental Environment: One can chat with astrologer in a supportive and non-judgmental environment where you can openly discuss your concerns and aspirations, knowing that the astrologer is there to provide guidance and support without judgment.
  • 4. Spiritual and Emotional Healing: A chat with astrologer can often have a deep understanding of spiritual and emotional aspects of life and can provide a space for healing.
Chat with astrologer through StarsTell’s astrology services to get the best guidance to understand yourself and navigate life's challenges. At StarsTell you can chat with the top 10 astrologers in India. Our expert astrologers analyze birth charts, taking into account the positions of celestial bodies at the time of an individual's birth. This information is then interpreted to provide personalized readings that shed light on various aspects of a person's life, such as personality traits, relationships, career prospects, and life events. This can be useful information to better understand yourself and navigate through the obstacles that life throws at us. You can easily access this information through a quick chat with astrologer where you can ask any of your pressing questions and get a solution and guidance!
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Online Astrology Consultation

What are the benefits of an online astrology consultation?
  • 1. Global Accessibility
  • 2. Convenience and Flexibility
  • 3. Continuity in Support irrespective of Geography
  • 4. Large Variety of Astrologers
Traditionally, people used to consult with local astrologers only but this posed challenges when they would relocate or the astrologer would migrate to another town or city. To make connecting with your favourite astrologer easier, StarsTell started online astrology consultation where you can talk to astrologers from the convenience of your own home! ... Let’s see what are some other benefits of an online astrology consultation:
  • 1. Global Accessibility: Online astrology consultations break down geographical barriers, allowing you to access astrological guidance from anywhere in the world.
  • 2. Convenience and Flexibility: An online astrology consultation offers convenience and flexibility in scheduling where you can choose a time that suits your schedule, eliminating the need for travel or commuting.
  • 3. Continued Support: Online astrology consultations often offer ongoing support and follow-up sessions that allow you to talk to the astrologer for a long-term period, seeking guidance and updates as you progress through various stages of life.
  • 4. Variety of Astrologers: Online astrology consultations provide access to a diverse range of astrologers with various experience levels so that one can explore different profiles, read reviews, and choose an astrologer who resonates with you and specializes in the specific areas you seek guidance for.
Overall, talking to an astrologer can be a powerful way to gain insight, clarity, and direction in your life. Whether you are facing challenges or simply want to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, talking to an astrologer can help you achieve your goals.
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Why choose StarsTell?

At StarsTell, we pride ourselves on providing the best Astrologers/Jyotishis for online astrology consultations. We understand the significance of astrology in people's lives and aim to offer a platform where individuals can access reliable and insightful astrological guidance. StarsTell is dedicated to providing the best Astrologers/Jyotishis for online astrology consultations. ... Our careful selection process, personalized services, and commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart. We believe in the transformative power of astrology and aim to offer individuals a reliable and enriching experience through our platform. Whether seeking guidance on relationships, career, health, or any other aspect of life, StarsTell is committed to connecting individuals with trusted astrologers who can provide valuable insights and advice.
Why Choose Starstell?
  • 1. Extensive Experience: Starstell boasts 20 years of experience in the field of astrology. Our long-standing presence in the industry reflects our expertise and reliability.
  • 2. Trust and Credibility: StarsTell has conducted over 10 million online astrology consultations, establishing a strong track record of customer satisfaction and trust. Their vast customer base is a testament to the quality of their services.
  • 3. Wide Selection of Astrologers: With a network of over 250+ verified astrologers, StarsTell provides a diverse range of expertise and specialties. You can choose an astrologer who aligns with your specific needs and preferences. StarsTell also features the Top 10 Astrologers in India.
  • 4. Expert Guidance: StarsTell's astrologers are skilled in various branches of astrology, such as Vedic, Tarot, Numerology, Vastu, and more. Their expertise allows them to provide comprehensive and insightful guidance across different aspects of life.
Stars Tell also provides services like Talk to Astrologer, Chat with Astrologer, Online Puja Consultation, and various other Astrology Services.
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Top 10 astrologers

StarsTell boasts a team of the Top 10 Astrologers in India, each renowned for their expertise and accuracy in providing astrological guidance. With a carefully curated selection process, we have the Top 10 Astrologers in India who have gained widespread recognition and have a track record of delivering insightful consultations. With their extensive experience and expertise, our Top 10 Astrologers in India are skilled in offering practical advice, actionable recommendations, and effective remedies to help clients overcome challenges and seize opportunities. We ensure all our astrologers are personally verified by the team and there is 100% confidentiality and privacy in all your conversations with them. Let’s see our top 10 astrologers in India. click here

Online Astrology Consultation

The Process
  • Step 1: Visit our website featuring expert Astrologers
  • Step 2: 📞 Login with your mobile number and OTP
  • Step 3: 💳 Recharge your wallet
  • Step 4: 💰 Get a bonus amount!
  • Step 5: Choose your astrologer and press ‘call’ or ‘chat’
Are you in need of guidance and insights into your life's journey? Look no further! ... Our astrology services offer convenient consultations with expert online astrologers. We provide online astrology consultation services that give you the opportunity to seek answers and clarity through personalized readings.
  • 1. StarsTell offers convenient and accessible online astrology consultation services, bringing the wisdom of astrological guidance right to your fingertips.
  • 2. With our online astrology consultation, you can connect with experienced astrologers from the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for travel or in-person appointments. You can also choose to Chat with Astrologer.
  • 3. Our company values customer satisfaction and strives to deliver exceptional online astrology consultation experiences, ensuring that you receive the support and guidance you seek.
  • 4. We provide a seamless and user-friendly online interface that allows you to easily schedule appointments, select preferred astrologers, and manage your online astrology consultation with convenience.
Book your online astrology consultation today and unlock the wisdom of the stars!
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Why should you talk to an Online Astrologer/Online Jyotish?

Whether you're looking for birth chart analysis, predictive astrology, compatibility readings, or spiritual guidance, our team of online astrologers/Online Jyotish is here to assist you. We provide simple online astrology consultations with licensed online astrologers through our platform -
  • 1. Range of Services: Online astrologers/Online Jyotish often provide a wide range of services, including birth chart analysis, compatibility readings, predictive astrology, and more.
  • 2. Accessibility: Online astrology consultations break down geographical barriers, allowing you to connect with top online astrologers who may be located in different parts of the world.
  • 3. Personal Guidance and Support: Consulting with an online astrologer can support your personal growth and provide guidance during challenging times. Online astrologer can offer valuable insights, remedies, and strategies to help you navigate life's complexities and align with your true purpose
  • 4. Expertise and Experience: An online astrologer often has significant expertise and experience in their respective fields. An online astrologer/Online Jyotish can also bring their knowledge and skills to provide accurate readings, insightful interpretations, and practical guidance.
Don't hesitate any longer—take advantage of our astrology services and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with the guidance of our trusted online astrologers/Online Jyotish.

What is special about StarsTell Astrology Services?

Our astrology services offer a wide range of personalized readings, including birth chart analysis, chat with astrologer, online astrology consultation, talk to astrologer, compatibility readings, and more. Tap into the ancient wisdom of the stars and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your life's purpose. Don't wait any longer—use our astrology services, and with the help of our reliable online astrologers, set out on a transforming voyage of self-discovery.

Get Love Back

To get love back in your life consult our experienced Astrologer and get time tested remedies. Easy to perform remedies can help you to get love back in your life and increase your happiness quotient significantly. Our knowledgeable Astrologers can guide you correctly to get love back in your life again. Get love back in your life and enjoy the pleasure of togetherness by the precise guidance of our wise Astrologers.

Marriage Prediction

Get your Marriage Prediction prepared by our expert Astrologers to know about the pros and cons of your married life. Personalised Marriage Prediction can guide you accurately and help you to navigate correctly while time is not going in accordance with your expectations. Thoroughly made Marriage Prediction can give you a glimpse about the days of future and help you to adopt the correct way of situation handling to enjoy your married life ultimately.

Ask Astrologer Online

Ask Astrologer Online about your professional growth and career enhancement. Solve your emotional tangles by using Ask Astrologer Online and ensure uninterrupted happiness in your love life. Take guidance about choice of stream for your kids by using Ask Astrologer Online and chalk out their future plan with confidence. Ask Astrologer Online for better understanding about your life and spirituality.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)


All predictions are based on your personal birth chart ie the Kundli and are likely to resonate with you more accurately as the data provided. An accurate birth detail can generate a highly accurate birth chart which will include personalised solutions to different problems in your life. Thus, it is believed that the Astrology predictions that come through are very accurate and highly reliable.


Yes! You can speak to the same astrologer if you call the second time. Just ensure that you remember the name of the astrologer you spoke to. You may check your StarsTell Account to check the name of the Astrologer consulted.


Yes. Starstell is one such service that provides guarranteed consultation. Our astrologers are professional, dedicated and determined to deliver high quality services always.


Yes we believe in our service and can assure you that our guidance and remedies will be helpful in bringing about some major positive changes in your life and future.


Yes. According to our policy, all the informations shared to us will be kept 100% confidential. We do not share the details of our customers with anyone.


Yes, you can depending on the availability of the Astrologer. However, to ensure that you speak to the same astrologer, you have the facility to book an appointment with your personal astrologer. You can also see the availability of the astrologer online. You can also write to to book an appointment with your personal astrologer. You will get a revert within a stipulated time.