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$ 125/-

Rudra Abhishek Puja

Rudra Abhishek is a 3-hour puja that liberates one from their past sins and brings prosperity in all aspects of life like marriage, relationships, and health.

Benefits :-

  • Happy Married Life.
  • Name and Fame.
  • Good Luck.
  • Improved Health.

This puja will be performed by learned Pandits with Vedic Samagri, following all the rituals (Vidhi).

Significance of Maha Shivratri: Lord Shiva or Mahadev is believed to be the “God of Destruction” representing the complete cycle of life – from birth to death. MahaShivRatri also known as ‘The Great Night of Shiva’ is the most auspicious night of the year for devotees of Lord Shiva. Millions of people keep a vrat (fast), pray and meditate throughout the night. It is a night of self-introspection, social harmony, and meditation dedicated to the “Supreme Protector” and the “Auspicious One”. Rituals performed on this night are focused on understanding the deeper truths of life and consciousness. Staying awake during this night helps absorb the “Karmic Energy” and helps us achieve inner harmony and appreciate the beauty of life. Click Here to Book Now

Mythological Importance: Legend has it that MahaShivRatri was the night of divine unity of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Another legend claims it was the night Lord Shiva drank poison to save the universe from destruction and attained the name “NeelKanth or The Blue Throated Saviour. Yet another myth believes that it was the night Lord Shiva disassociated to the powerful form of ‘Linga’ during a battle between Lord Brahma and Vishnu to prove his supremacy. Click Here to Book Now

Rituals: :-

  • Offering fruit and vegetables grown during the season.
  • Offering sacred baths of milk, sandal paste, and prasad followed by puja.
  • Observing a morning of fast.
  • Offering prayers to Lord Shiva by chanting hymns and singing.

Night of Prayer: The night of Maha Shivratri is the most crucial aspect of the festival. Devotees stay awake all night, soaking up the positive vibrations, meditating, dancing singing bhajans, and chanting hymns like ‘Om Namah Shivaya’. They break their fast the next morning with the prasad. Click Here to Book Now

Process: To build Panchang Vedi, Navagraha Mandapa, etc., under the supervision of Vedic Scholars, in any one of the four ‘Prahar’s or in a ‘Prahar’, and after the proper resolution of the panchang gods, invite the Isht Devta and start worshipping. Then to please Lord BholeNath(Shiva), ‘Abhishekam’ should be performed with cow's milk in the first ‘Prahar’ with sixteen other items, with yogurt(dahi) in the second ‘Prahar’, with ghee in the third ‘Prahar’ and with honey in the fourth ‘Prahar’. And the ShivLingam should be anointed with water. To extract the best results, it is necessary to know the ‘Muhurat’ of every ‘Prahar’ precisely. Because without an appropriate ‘Muhurat’, the Shivarchana - Mahashivratri Special Pooja becomes fruitless. Our Astrologers strongly suggest doing Shivarchna puja on Maha Shivratri for great benefits. Click Here to Book Now

Puja Samagri to be used by us: Cow Milk, Yogurt (Dahi), Ghee, Honey, Fruits, Sweets, Panchmewa, Bhang, Datura, Chandan, Roli, Mauli, Cotton, Deep, Kapoor, Cardamom, Turmeric, Supari, Rice, Flowers, Sugar, Kesar, Black Sesame Seeds, Gangajal, VeelvaPatra, Dhup, Itra, Janeu.

  • Duration :- 3-4 hours.

  • Number Of Pandits :- 1

  • Booking Amt : $ 201$ 125