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Diwali Pujan 2024

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Lakshmi Pujan (Diwali Pujan)

Importance :- Lord Ganesha is worshipped before starting any important or auspicious work, Because Lord Ganesha removes all the obstacles of our lives and worshipping Goddess LakshmiJee definitely brings happiness, prosperity and His Grace. It is believed that if any work is being hampered and economic problems are going on, Lakshmi Ganesh Pujan can give a best feasible solution at the earliest. Even if you are going to start a new venture, worshipping Lord Ganapati and Lakshmi Jee solves problems in the future. Lakshmi and Ganapati should be worshipped in a special manner for a determination and this puja on Deepawali brings special benefits. You can talk to our Panditji, at any time, to know the right method of worshipping. You can also book pooja online. Click Here to Book Now

Process of Pujan :- After making Panchang altar, NavGraha mandapa, etc., proper resolution of deities should be taken by installing a statue or photo of Lord Ganpati and Lakshmi Jee at the outpost and worship as per the procedure by inviting Lord Ganesha and Mother Lakshmi Jee. In order to get the best results, it is necessary to worship during the right Muhurat. Worship becomes fruitless without the proper Muhurat.
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Benefitsof Diwali Pujan :-

  • Growth in Business.
  • Financial Gains.
  • Relief from Debts.
  • Continuity of Employment.
  • The ongoing trouble in the business goes away.
  • The negative energy of the house gets removed.
  • There are joys in the house.
  • The sorrows and poverty of life are removed.
  • Morale increases.
  • The attainment of wealth and grain by getting rid of all obstacles.
  • The attainment of social respect.

Items for Diwali Pujan :- Make proper arrangements for idols or photos of Shri GaneshJee and Mother LakshmiJee, earthen or copper urn, matted coconut, coconut sphere, roli, mouli, jou-sesame, dhoop, deep, naivedya, fruits, flowers, betel leaves, milk, curd, ghee, honey, PanchMewa, betel nuts, clove- cardamom, done, rice, yellow mustard, turmeric, bhura, PanchRatna, seven soils, Sarvoushadhi, mango leaves, betel leaves, coriander seeds, kheel, bataashe, green grass, lamp, etc. In addition to these, Lakshmi Yantra and Vyapaar Vriddhi Yantra can also be installed at home or commercial establishments.

Complete Pujan Vidhi :- Get up in the morning and retire from the regular rituals of bathing and establish a temple at the Ishan angle of the house or commercial establishment in Shubh Muhurat and make an Ashta Dal lotus with flour or turmeric at a post and place an idol or photo of Lord Ganesha and Lakshmi Jee on it. Also install a kalash filled with water or GangaJal. Put sugandha, akshat, pangiphal, SaptaMritika, SarvAushadhi, PanchRatna and a coin in the form of Dakshina and place mango leaves and fill the plate or dona with rice from the top,then place a red cloth or kalava on a matted coconut on top of the kalash and join both hands and appeal to all gods and goddesses in the kalash.
Then think about other deities also. After bathing all the deities with Milk, Curd, Ghee, Honey and Sugar, put on clothes and sit on the asana. Then grab the flowers in hands and invite. Dedicate the flowers on the idols and take water in a spoon and sprinkle on the idols thrice,then wear a garland of flowers with the sandal paste. Then show the incense sticks and ghee lamp and offer all the Gods with delicious dishes or sweets. Or offer kheel, bataashe, sweets, fruits, etc., whatever is available, to the Gods. Give clove cardamom rich Paan for mouth purification and to meet any deficiency in worship, offer as much money as you can and ask for forgiveness. Light lamps etc., in the household.Doing so brings happiness and peace in the house and showers the Grace of Mother LakshmiJee.

Note : is going to arrange Online Puja on the auspicious occasion of Diwali this year, You can also book Online Puja sitting at your home only. Click Here to Book Now

  • Date and Time of Pujan :- 12, November 2024

  • Time Duration (As Per Muhurat) :- 2 hours(approximately)

  • #Brahmin :- 1 Brahmin

  • Booking Amt : $ 101$ 51

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