Topaz white or yellow or blue

Topaz white or yellow or blue 6.5 Ratti - Fine | 2899

Product Description
Topaz, most commonly known as Pukhraj, is a Rashi stone of Dhanu Rashi and Meen Rashi people, as it is associated with planet Brihaspati. This stone is available in yellow, white and sometimes blue in colour. White Topaz clears our thoughts and aid in organised working and thinking, it enhances our awareness, thus helpful in achieving our goals. Blue Topaz brings good fortune and also channelise our inner wisdom. Yellow Pukhraj has immense property of soothing, healing and remotivating, it has energy to give truthfulness and forgiveness to a person, thus bringing calmness in mind. This stone is to be worn on Thursday, especially on the day conjoins with Pushya nakshatra, in the index finger of right hand.
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Topaz white or yellow or blue 6.5 Ratti - Fine 2150019-T-65 1 2899


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