Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye 5.5 Ratti - Fine | 1499

Product Description
This is quartz with resemblance with the eye of a tiger. Mainly found in South Africa, this stone is of golden yellow colour with brown lines and silky lustre. It's earthy colour symbolic to the earth. It is associated with solar plexus chakra and it brings clarity of thoughts. It is used for prosperity, integrity and strength it also promotes good luck. Tiger's Eye stone is governed by the Sun and Mars, hence it is beneficial for the natives of Singh Rashi and Mesh Rashi, but not advisable for Makar Rashi and Kumbh Rashi people. It has excellent healing power for depression and relationship, it can heal back aches and slip disc problem. It protects us from curses, influences of black magic and evil eye also.
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Tiger Eye 5.5 Ratti - Fine 2150023-TE-55 1 1499


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