South Sea Pearl 5.5 Ratti - Fine

South Sea Pearl 5.5 Ratti - Fine | 2799

Product Description
Pearl Gemstones for Astrological use. Rs 2095/carat for 5.25 carats. Drawn to light from the depth of a million feet under the mystic oceans of our planet, pearls have adorned women for centuries. Few of us realize, however, that pearls possess amazing astrological properties as well. It is a universally prized beautiful white gemstone governed by the moon. It is known to eliminate the negative impact of the moon. It tends to have a calming effect on human temperament owing to its incredible cooling properties. Wearing pearls to induce sleep has become standard practice among those who believe in the power of astro gemstones. Additionally, pearls bring harmony and a sense of mutual understanding among married couples thus helping them to lead lives of tranquility and matrimonial bliss. As the closest heavenly body to planet earth, the moon influences the seasonal, monthly and daily cycles and rhythms of our lives. Once you have consulted with a qualified astrologer, you should wear a pearl on the fourth finger of your right hand starting on Mondays mounted on a silver ring.
Product Features
The size and weight of your pearl gemstone or moti will vary depending on your precise requirement as determined by a qualified astrologer or astro consultant. Each gemstone is procured meticulously from a reliable source and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. Astrological gemstones from Starstell are guaranteed to be genuine and flawless because we not only build trust we deliver it. The product ships with “vidhi” instructions which are also available on our website’s home page in the Articles section.
Item NameItem CodeItem QuantityTotal Price
South Sea Pearl 5.5 Ratti - Fine 215005-SSP-55 1 2799

Delivery Direction

We will deliver your pearl astro gemstone in five or seven days through courier and we will inform you not only when your order is placed but also when it is shipped from our location. Worldwide shipping and free insurance are available based on actual cost which are both reliable and reasonable. Please feel free to write or call any time for more information about our delivery procedures, about gemstones or any of our products and services.


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