Moonstone (Ceylon)

Moonstone (Ceylon) 6.5 Ratti - Fine | 1599

Product Description
Moon Stone is a semi-precious white coloured opaque crystal it is largely found in Sri Lanka, Australia and Mediterranean area. Moon Stone symbiosis our inner clarity. It is a symbol of light and hope. Moon stones brings the new beginning it enhances calmness and balance in our life this stone is active on full Moon night. It is best suited to Cancer Moon sign natives, whose lord is the Moon, Herself. Moon Stone is also known as fish eye or wolf eye and water opal. This stone deals with feminine energy in reproductive system and also hormone balancing. It aids with intuitive ability, psychic ability, brings calmness and turn the person meditative. Moonstone can be used as a substitute of Pearl, if not available. Most beneficial day to wear Moon Stone is full Moon day, i.e., Purnima tithi, after Moon rise and before Moon set or Monday.
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Moonstone (Ceylon) 6.5 Ratti - Fine 2150017-M-65 1 1599


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