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Your Ruling Number is 6

Lucky Days

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Lucky Stone

Emerald, moonstones and diamind

Your Description

Number Six is ruled by Venus and influenced by Mars

Number Six brings nurturing and electrifying energy. Those influenced by Number Six are compassionate and can express generosity and give comfort to others. They are capable of being truly considerate and loving. They have a romantic side and would do well to create a beautiful environment in their homes, as they have great ability to enjoy the material world and its pleasures. Their creative talents bring harmony in whatever career they choose. Poetry, music, dance and other arts can open many doors for them. Those with Number Six should ward off vanity and temperamental outbursts and use their influence on others with grace and dignity. Yogic practices will do wonders for them as it will help them maintain their spiritual connection and inner happiness. They are good in maintaining relationships and have the ability to counsel others. People under the influence of Six radiate quiet charm and have the capacity to share light and wisdom with those around them.

Great personalities born under NumberSix:-

  • Queen Victoria
  • Akbar
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Anil Kapoor
  • Madhuri Dixit
  • Manoj Kumar

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